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safety measures for covid-19 -cy

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Your safety is our priority. We’re committed to keeping you safe which is why we’ve introduced a range of measures to keep our students and tutors dancing safely.

The following policies are based on government guidelines and are in constant review.

Temperature checks on arrival
Anyone with a temperature above what is considered safe by government standards won’t be able to participate in the class

Track and Track
Details will be cross referenced from booking to adhere to our  Track & Trace procedures. These details will only be used in respect of the Track & Trace and will only be kept within the 21 day suggested timeframe.

Hand sanitising/washing
This is required before and after class. There are hand sanitising stations located around the buildings

Masks are required upon arrival, exit and when walking around the space for people age 11+. They can be removed during activity. We can also provide masks. 

Social distancing
Cones will be put in place to mark spaces and ensure that everyone is 2m apart at all times.

Reduced class capacity
Our classes will have limited numbers to ensure that social distancing can be adhered to

Please do not attend a class if you or anyone you’ve been in contact with have any symptoms of COVID-19.