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bbc #dancepassion day

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#DancePassion was a UK-wide celebration of the flourishing dance scene in collaboration with the BBC and One Dance UK, including exclusive rehearsals and insights from some of the country’s leading practitioners. Jukebox Academy students took the stage with a high energy, Afro-dance inspired performance choreographed by our Artistic Director Liara Barussi. 

Watch our full performance here.

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The day featured over 20 inspiring live streams from Swansea, Birmingham, Leeds, Belfast & London, showcasing a range of styles from a variety of performers and collectives, such as NDC Wales, Rambert, The National Youth Dance Company and more. As part of the event, the science of dance was explored as Birmingham Royal Ballet conducted a live experiment to demonstrate how 3D motion tracking is being used to push boundaries in choreography, as well as to protect dancers from injury. We’re thrilled to have been a part of such a creative and innovative event at the forefront of the UK dance scene.