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butetown’s vibrant community

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Be undeniable.”

In ‘Black History Month: Butetown’s vibrant community with deep roots’, Mo Jannah featured Jukebox Collective as a key figure leading the thriving Black community of Wales. When Mo moved to Cardiff from Birmingham 14 years ago he had expectations of what Wales would be like, but he didn’t expect to find the rich Black history of Butetown that can be traced back through generations. In this short documentary, he explores the presence of the Black community in Butetown, from those here today, back to the history of how their families settled in Wales. 

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Jukebox Collective dance leader Reuel Elijah is introduced as a ‘musical trailblazer’, teaching class with our students and instilling them with the confidence to reach their potential. He tells Mo, “It starts with the dance, but the confidence can take you anywhere.”

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