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black welsh creatives: mace the great

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Highlighted in our list of Black Welsh Music Artists, Mace The Great is a Cardiff-based rapper making waves in the UK music scene. With two releases this year — Brave & Getting Love (MmmHmm) — and a new release on the way, Mace’s career is just gearing up. Showcasing Cardiff and its creatives on the team and scenes of his music videos, Mace is doing Cardiff proud.

Video by Redbrck

Mace’s track, Brave, centres around the Black Lives Matter movement of 2020. Mace holds up his fist surrounded by newspaper clippings, proclaiming he’s ‘Coming from the land of the Brave’ in a nod to Cardiff.

In a write up for Brave, Viper Magazine wrote ‘Mace The Great carries Cardiff on his shoulders with pride, and this evident love he holds for his city is reciprocated tenfold by his local community.’

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Images by Marcus Georges