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local community history: yemeni

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The Yemeni community’s long history with Wales began in Cardiff, it was the first port they arrived in when they came to the UK. 

Aden, which is now the temporary capital of Yemen – was ruled by Britain from 1839 for 130 years. In 1937, Aden became a crown colony as the British wanted to establish a permanent coaling station in Aden to facilitate steam navigation for British ships to travel back and forth to India.

Yemeni people were known for their seamanship, and also for the first community to live longer out on sea than land. They made their way to Cardiff as Wales held one of the biggest coal ports in the world.

Aden and Cardiff had coal in common. Which meant that in the 1950s/60s Yemeni families were migrating to Cardiff to settle with their families. Today, there are families of five generations who have settled in Cardiff.

We’ve referenced most of our information from the ‘Yemeni Community Association Cardiff’.

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