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vans checkerboard day

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We launched our Future Creatives initiative in partnership with #VansCheckerboardDay a global celebration of community and culture on Nov 18th 2021. Vans Checkerboard day is an initiative developed to rebuild and revitalise local communities across the world through creativity. We were grateful to be one of the 16 organisations Vans chose to receive a grant from The Vans Checkerboard Fund at Tides Foundation. 

We hosted an evening of curated performances and conversations, inviting Welsh artists and communities to explore their hopes and ambitions for the future by bringing their collective ideas to life.

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Jukebox Collective Agency curated and produced the event from concept to delivery. Liara Barussi directed a movement piece with dancers alongside a selection of commissioned artists that included Karimah Hassan, Andrew Ogun and Naomi Ferne. 

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