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Presenting our short film Of Us, showcasing at Beyond the Bassline exhibition at the British Library

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Announcing our involvement in the Beyond the Bassline exhibition at the British Library in London. As the Welsh partner, our film Of Us, shares an untold perspective into the exploration of 500 years of Black music in Britain.

Beyond the Bassline (April 26 – August 26, 2024) marks a historic moment as the first major exhibition to document the rich musical journey of African and Caribbean people in Britain. Through a display of sound archives, artefacts, performances, and multimedia presentations, the exhibition explores the people, spaces and genres that have transformed the landscape of British music, delving into the impact of Black British musicians, creatives and entrepreneurs on popular music since the 16th-century.

Presented in the exhibitions “interruption” spaces is Of Us (2024), a Jukebox Collective production, commissioned by the British Library. Directed and choreographed by Liara Barussi and filmed in South Wales, the film pays homage to the heritage of one of the UK’s oldest Black communities, based in Tiger Bay in Cardiff. Through dance and movement, it reflects on themes of migration, identity and the enduring ancestral connection between body and memory.


Of Us journeys into the whispers of our seas, intertwining stories of migration with the universal symbolism of water. Echoing concepts of the Black Aquatic and Tidalectics, the film juxtaposes the fluid and fixed.” Says Liara Barussi (Artistic Director and Jukebox Collective Founder)


The short film will be showcased in the ocean space offering visitors an immersive visual and auditory experience. With a soundscape by South London-based curatorial platform Touching Bass and styling by Lauren Anne Groves with pieces from Black-owned brands including Ahluwalia and Jawara Alleyne. Featuring a cast of young Black Welsh talent from the organisation’s artist development programme.


“We’re honoured to represent Wales in this historic exhibition, the film pays tribute to the often overlooked and underrepresented Black communities of Wales. Highlighting their heritage and culture, as it intersects with the wider narrative of Black British music” – Liara Barussi.


Curated by Dr Aleema Gray in collaboration with Dr. Mykaell Riley, Beyond the Bassline promises to broaden audience’s understanding of Black British music and its position within British musical heritage.


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About the Exhibition

For further information on the exhibition please visit their official website here 

Tickets are available to purchase online with Pay What You Can days on the first Wednesday of every month.

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Film Credits

Director & Movement Director: Liara Barussi
Producer: Lauren Patterson
DOP: Nathan O’Kelly
Sound Design: Touching Bass
Stylist: Lauren Anne Groves
Creative Consultant: Leyman Lahcine
Lead Cast: Gui Pinto, Venice Williams, Monet Williams
Cast: Jukebox Academy – Teaghan Scanlon, Karim Mohamed, Fatima Jarju, Ayoola Wonder, Elizabeth Oredola, Perez Rodriques, Rio Rodriques, Quincy Chambers, Akeylah Hinton, Blessing Oredola, Sheighley-Sky
Movement Assistants: Darnell Williams, Naomi Ferne, Patrik Gabco, Millie Campion
Hair Stylist: Trent Jackson
Barber: Isaac Omoyibo
Editor: Pawel Achtelik
Colourist: Sharon Chung
Graphic Design: Henny Valentino

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For more information, high-res images or an interview, please contact

Lauren Patterson
Strategic Director, Jukebox Collective

Samandal Sidig
Marketing Coordinator, Jukebox Collective