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Disjointed is the story of a wound-up mechanical Doll operated by the Controllers, who receive their instructions from The System. She’s the perfect entertainer, always smiling but with a deep sadness visible in her eyes. She longs for freedom, to move and express herself and to find where she belongs. Touching on ideas of connection and disconnection, control and the roles we play in society, the piece prompts us to consider the implications of new AI technologies and what it means to be human. 

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Influenced by the beautiful photography of  Tim Walker fused with the signature approach of Jukebox Collective productions. 

Directed by Liara Barussi
Performed by Jodelle Douglas, Sharifa Tonkmor and Kate Morris
Choreography by Liara Barussi
Set Design by Phillip Cooper
Additional Choreography by Jodelle Douglas, Kate Morris & Sharifa Tonkmor

Originally presented at Wales Dance Platform in 2016.